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 ACT Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic Mercedes Sprinter- high visibility markings - Ambulance Visibility - - John Killeen

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PDF Icon3rd Annual EMS Safety Summit Presentation - CLICK HERE  
PowerPoint presentation - Denver, Colorado (2.67Mb)
13-15 October 2010
PDF IconOn Reflection - Thinking outside the box - CLICK HERE    NEW!
A toolkit for safer emergency vehicle markings
Article Part 1 - Colorado EMSAC Star 2011 (1.3Mb)
PDF IconEvaluating new trends in emergency vehicle markings - CLICK HERE   NEW!
Advertising agency visibility, battenburg markings and the chevron debate
Article Part 2 - Colorado EMSAC Star 2011 (1.05Mb)
PDF IconA Ten-point toolkit for effective warning lights - CLICK HERE NEW!
Guidelines for designing emergency vehicle warning lights
Article Part 3 - Colorado EMSAC Star 2011 (1.3Mb)

Colour, Markings & Warning Lights for Emergency Vehicles - CLICK HERE
A safer workplace or a flawed corporate vision!
PowerPoint presentation (1.6Mb)
Australian College of Ambulance Professionals Conference 2005
PDF IconEnhancing the Value of Reflective & Conspicuity Markings on Emergency Vehicles - CLICK HERE
American Society of Safety Engineers - Transactions Journal, Volume 8, Issue 1
October 2008 journal article by John Killeen (1.39Mb)
Emergency Vehicles Visual Warning Bulletin, February 2008 - CLICK HERE
A quarterly E-Bulletin with the latest information (1.16Mb)
PDF IconVisibility Issues Presentation , 7 November 2008 - CLICK HERE
Ambulance Transport Safety Summit - Washington DC
Transportation Research Board of the National Academies of Science
Pdf Icon
Manitoba (Canada) Sprinter Ambulance Trial  - CLICK HERE   NEW!
PowerPoint Presentation
A comprehensive outline of the new Canadian Sprinter ambulance design
Provided with permission of Randall Newman - Manitoba Emergency Health Officer (2.4Mb)
PDF IconLINK - Emergency Vehicle Conspicuity and Visibility Study - CLICK HERE 
US Department of Homeland Security & FEMA 
Latest visibility report issued in August 2009
PDF IconA brief synopsis - FEMA Visibility & Conspicuity report - CLICK HERE 
Presented by John Killeen (Ambulance Visibility)
EMS Safety Foundation via webinar on 10 September 2009 
PDF IconAirport fire vehicle visibility & colour comparison images - CLICK HERE  
Conspicuity between yellow-green and red fire vehicles seen across the airfield
Permission from Airservices Australia - Mark Parsons, Bruce England & Simon Grafton
pdf iconMuskoka redesigns ambulance exteriors with safety in mind - CLICK HERE   
Article discussing the approach used to redesign Muskoka EMS vehicle markings
Authors: Terri Burton, Kevin King, Vince Tremblay and Murray Trefry
Printed in Canadian Emergency News - November 2009 (with permission of Terri Burton)

TRB Safety Summits 2008 & 2009
LINK to the Ambulance Transport Safety Summit 2009 - CLICK HERE  
LINK to the TRB summit Agenda 2008 - CLICK HERE  
LINK to the Ambulance Transport Safety Summit 2008 DOWNLOADS - CLICK HERE
LINK to the TRB summit Agenda 2008 - CLICK HERE
LINK to the Biosketches of the presenters 2008 - CLICK HERE
Contain all the presentations and a full recording of the TRB Summit seminar
Links will open to Nadine Levick's (TRB Sub-commitee Chair) Objective Safety website

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  • The research CD mentioned in the bulletin is no longer available in the public domain.

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