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Emergency vehicle conspicuity research on livery, warning lights and
high visibility markings - photos, technical information & newsletters by John Killeen  

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IMpressions Markings

Amber and Steady-Burn Warning Lights
What's Flashing before your Eyes?
Roads and Bridges - July 2000
NCHRP Report 624, Selection and application of warning lights on roadway operations equipment*
Gibbons, lee, Williams & Miller - Transportation Research Board 2008
Improving the Ability of Drivers to Avoid Collisions with Snowploughs in Fog and Snow*
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Rear Lighting Configurations for Winter Maintenance Vehicles 
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Improved visibility for snowploughing operations
National Highway cooperative Research Program - November 2000
Emergency warning lights and parking procedures
Faugh, R - Fire Police website
Police Vehicles and Lights
Faugh, J. - January 2006 - Google Docs
Seeing the Light - the science of choosing proper emergency lighting for patrol cars*
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Solutions for safer traffic stops 
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Color Identification in the Visual periphery: Consequences of Color coding of vehicle signals
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Florida Highway Patrol emergency lighting research and prototype evaluation*
Lieutenant James D Wells Jnr. 2004
Watch Out! A review of highway based incidents involving Fire and EMS personnel in 2000
Sullivan, J - 105Kb
Lighting on snowploughs:An accident countermeasure? 
Bullough, J. -American Public Works Association 
Efficacy of Rectangular-shaped Rapid Flash LED beacons
Houten, R. Malenfant, J. - 1.3Mb
Motor Vehicle Conspicuity - Warning Beacons*
48th GRE - April 2002 - PDF 322Kb
Let's/LED's go for quality
Enhanced aircraft conspicuity to reduce runway incursions
Gallagher, W. - USDOT - April 2007 - PDF 177Kb
Reactions to Emergency Light Colors 
Karczewski, M - Police Fleet Manager - January 2002  
Warning Lights, Parking and Scene Safety PowerPoint* 
Faugh, J - Warning - Large file (10Mb) 
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